Is there anything more meaningful?

Reflections from a founder, four years on.

For me there’s nothing more meaningful than forging deep connections with others.

Be it a life partner you can share your heart with, a true friend who always has your back, or a business partner providing the yin to your yang with whom, together, you can build something great.

As both individuals, and a global society, we need meaningful connections not only to sustain us, but to give us the drive and determination to improve the world for everyone, and everything, we share this planet with.

I’m not very good at forming or sustaining those deep connections — I still have a lot to learn.

But what I do know is that all human connections are built on trust.

And that without trust, not only are we stifled as individuals, but on a global scale, suffering on this planet will only increase.

I’ve witnessed living in an ever increasingly digital, and often isolated society, that trust is becoming harder and harder to form — meaning both as individuals and society as a whole, each and everyone of us is missing out on the opportunity to live to a greater potential.

I want to help you, and the world, make meaningful connections.

That’s why four years ago I founded Reputationaire — to help with the first, and fundamental piece of the puzzle — digital, and individual, trust that’s easy to prove.

I appreciate everyone’s support on this journey.

Andrew Hine, Founder Reputationaire, 9th July 2021



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